Welcome to Energy Pivot – We provide solar energy solutions and products to our customers.

We aim to meet our customers' energy requirements with the greatest possible reliability and long-term performance.

Energy Pivot offers well-researched sustainable solar solutions and innovative products, specializing in application-specific design, accurate energy assessments, prompt system implementation, inclusive training, and exceptional support.

Our services and solutions are mainly focused on  to the following sectors:

  • Commercial Sector
  • Residential Sector, and
  • Agricultural Sector

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Contact Energy Pivot if you have any questions regarding solar solutions or products. We will gladly assist you!

We are an Associated Partner and Official Distributor

Energy Pivot engaged in an Associated Partnership with Specialized Solar Systems (SSS), as part of our strategy to ensure we leverage off an industry leading alternative energy supplier. Like Energy Pivot, SSS subscribes to good corporate governance, believes in maintaining the highest possible standards for both solar system design as well as correct installation procedures.

SSS have done so throughout South Africa and various African countries over a period of more than 12 years and is seen as a valuable industry partner and mentor to enrich Energy Pivot’s own capabilities. SSS is also the manufacturer of unique SSS branded solar solutions which are exclusively accessible through the SSS Associated Partnership network. Energy Pivot is thus the only supplier of the SSS products in the Eastern Cape.

Our Financial Partner

The aim of this offering is to give our customers a finance option for off-grid solutions that is affordable and is aligned to the type of products. Off-grid and backup solutions add value to a property, so any money spent on the property just increases value which means the investment is not lost. If you sell the property, you will in essence get your money back.

The terms of these loans allow for low monthly payments and as it forms part of the bond, you retain the option of paying it off quicker if you want. This is over and above the fact that in most cases you will be paying this with monies that would have just gone to Eskom anyway. So not only do you get the security of having power available at all times, you also have Eskom paying for the added value to your property.

We are an Official Distributor for the Following Products

On top of the quality products we supply to our customers, we are also an official distributor for the below products. We have direct access to the wealth of experience, products and services which these relationships brings to the market.


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