Introduction to SSS Products which are distributed and installed through Energy Pivot, which are exclusively available from the manufacturer and a small number of selected business Associated Partners (AP’s).
These are:

  • SSS EnergyDock Range (UPS)
  • SSS Battery Range
  • SSS DC Range

The inverters used in the EnergyDock range is NRS 097-7-1 approved.

The AC distribution boxes offered conforms to SABS standards, IED 60947-2, VC 8036 with NRCS and RCC certification, i.e. circuit breakers, isolators, surge protection, etc.
SSS’s applied Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) principles in the configuration design of their systems.

Our Standards

The Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) is a regulated industry with documented and defined standards of application.  The list of defined standards that should be adhered to are:

    • NRS 097-1/2: Grid interconnection of Embedded Generation.
    • Municipal SSEG Standards or Regulations (determine the standards required by the Municipality in which area the installation is required).
    • Eskom SSEG application requirements as per their standard documentation.
    • SANS 10142/1 to 4: The wiring of premises (as amended and published).
    • NRS 048: Electricity Supply – Quality of Supply.
    • SANS 474 and NRS 057: Code of Practice for Electricity Metering.
    • SANS 62305-1: Protection against Lightning
    • Electricity Regulation Act, Act 4 of 2006 and Electricity Regulation Amendment Act, Act 28 of 2007.
    • Occupational Health and Safety Act, No 85 of 1995 as Amended.
    • South Africa Distribution Code (all parts).
    • South Africa Grid Code (all parts).
    • South Africa Renewable Power Plants Grid Code.
    • TNC-S Earthing: According to SANS 10142.

SSS Econo EnergyDock Range

The ECONO ENERGYDOCK RANGE  offers a more cost-effective energy system to the market. The architecture of this range uses a high frequency inverter with a built-in MPPT to facilitate the introduction of solar panels if so needed. This equipment is then combined with “Prime Life” lithium phosphate battery cells, ensuring the best performance from the battery storage.

UPS Options (can be upgraded to a hybrid or off-grid Solar System)

This beautifully constructed unit comes with 3 battery sizes:

  • ECO5000VA 2.5kWh Battery
  • ECO5000VA 4.0kWh Battery
  • ECO5000VA 5.2kWh Battery

Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate)
Cycle life: Greater than 3000 @ 0.2C discharge & 90 % DOD
The following algorithm has been programmed into the energy system battery:
» Cell over-discharge protection.
» Battery over-discharge protection.
» Cell over-current protection.
» Battery discharge over-current protection.
» Short circuit protection.
» Over / under temperature protection.
The battery software is integrated into the inverter and the MPPT. All alarm triggers will be presented in the battery information LED screen and/or in the VRM Management Portal. The battery is programmed to protect itself if it is used outside the allowed settings.

Warrantee: The Econo Range have a returnable warranty of 1 year on the inverter and 5 years on the battery.

Bluetooth: The Econo Range have Bluetooth functionality for in-house customer information.

More Info on Econo EnergyDock Range